LUNCH AND DINNER - Chilean Homemade food / reservation required

Foreign guests

USD 30      

- Consommé / clear soup
- Bread and butter
- Vegetable organic salads
- Dish of the day (vegetables, pasta, meat or fish)
- Dessert
- Tea, coffee, natural herbs
- Water or juice

Not included: wine, liquor or soft  beverages

Our excellent wine list gives priority to organic selections from Viña Matetic, EQ and Corralillo. www.matetic.cl

BOX LUNCH - Excursions

Foreign guests

USD 20      
- Un sándwich grande de pan integral tipo hamburguesa
   (A elección: pollo, carne, queso, jamón, lechuga, huevo, atún)
-  Una fruta natural
- Un jugo en caja (200cc.) 
- Una botella de agua (500cc.) 
- Frutos secos (app.100 grs.)
- Una porción de queque, galletón de avena o barra de cereal
ROAST LAMB - booking in advance, at least 24 hours

ROAST LAMB PATAGÓNICO - rates per person

Foreign guests

USD 50      

ROAST LAMB PATAGÓNICO + HORSEBACK RIDING (2 hrs.) - rates per person

Foreign guests

CPL 50.000      
Rates per person Includes:
Aappetizer, soup, bread, juice or water, salads and potatoes from the garden, dessert, coffee, tea, natural herbs.

Not included: wine, beverages.

Excellent wine prioritizing organic production: Matetic, EQ and Corralillo lines. www.matetic.cl
At least 6 people