The expression "Kaw" corresponds to the ethnic aónikenk, indigenous people of this area of Patagonia, known as Tehuelches or Patagonians ("people of the south"). They used this term to refer to the place where the family group gathers.

Our idea is to make a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in our restaurant with a capacity for 40 people. From there you will enjoy an amazing view of the Torres del Paine Masiff, its surroundings and the vast and beautiful plains of Patagonia.

While you behold this spectacular landscape, our roast lamb is prepared after long hours and lots of patience, a lamb that has grown and nourished in this Estancia, with uncontaminated pastures.

The baqueano uses the roast Patagonian vertical technique formerly called "asado al palo" (open field made with wooden sticks), which allows the animal fats dripping go slowly until you achieve the perfect flavor. If you want, you can admire the skill and precision of the cuts before the roast reaches your table.

We harvest the vegetables from our own orchard and greenhouse to enjoy a truly organic food. They are products of excellence, which added to the affection of our attention, will provide you an unforgettable experience.

You can combine horseback riding or excursion with lunch, to take with you a unique memory of an unmatched experience in the very South of the world.