For nearly a decade, the former Cerro Guido buildings were restored and redesigned to accommodate guests who came to stay in homes that have more than one hundred years of history, with the peace and comfort of a hotel with distinction in a spectacular place.

Our visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy their facilities and breathing space. Numerous photographs will transport you to a glorious past. If you are interested you can also go on a short tour around the premises of this beautiful place. You will love to come to be entertained by a horseback riding, an excursion or to taste a Patagonian barbecue, services that will be available for those who want to come and enjoy this unforgettable experience in a huge Estancia of around 101.000 hectares.

Sleeping in houses that are a unique cultural heritage in Patagonia ... is definitely a special experience. The houses will remain as a testimony to what once was a constant and laborious activity of numerous foreign and Chilean farmers who inhabited them.

We invite you to try this alternative…