LUNCH AND DINNER – previous reservation


  • Consomme or soup of the day
  • Bread and butter
  • Fifth vegetable salad
  • Dish of the day (meat, vegetables, pasta, fish)
  • Dessert
  • Tea, coffee, herbal teas, fifth herbs (mint, good herb)
  • Water or juice
  • Not included: wines, spirits or drinks
  • Excellent wine list giving priority to those of organic production: Viña Matetic, EQ and Corralillo lines.
    * Inform in advance about special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergic, dietary restrictions).
Lunch Adult Kids
(3 – 9 years old
Foreigners USD 35 USD 20
Chilean and Argentinian CLP 18.000 CLP 12.000


Cenas Adulto Niños
(3 a 9 años)
Extranjeros USD 40 USD 20
Chilenos y Argentinos CLP 25.000 CLP 12.000


BOX LUNCH – Excursions


  • A large  sandwich (Choice: chicken, meat, cheese, ham, lettuce, egg, tuna)
  • One fruit
  • A juice box (200cc.)
  • A bottle of water (500cc.)
  • Dried fruits (app.100 grs.)
  • A serving of muffin, oatmeal or cereal bar
Foreigners USD 20
Chilean and Argentinian CLP 10.000


ASADOS – previous reservation – minimum 48 hours, minimum 6 people

Appetizer, consomme, bread, juices or water, salads and cooked potatoes of the fifth, dessert, coffee, tea, herbs of the fifth.

rates per person

Foreigners USD 50
Chilean and Argentinian CLP 30.000





tarifas por persona

Huéspedes CLP 50.000