• 24 hours electric power from this season 2017-2018
  • It is suggested to arrive at this place with own or leased vehicle or with external transport. We do not have transportation service or all inclusive programs.
  • Fuel supply: In Cerro Castillo there is no fuel since 2009. This service still appears on some maps. We can assist guests with diesel or gasoline only in emergencies.
  • The nearest service center is 104 kms. (Puerto Natales)
  • Guests coming from the Chilean side: last place to load fuel is Puerto Natales.
  • Guests coming from the Argentine side: last place to load fuel is Esperanza, eventually Tapi Aike.
  • For more information about your visit to Torres del Paine National Park, we recommend visiting the official website:


  • A prepayment of 50% will be requested at the time of booking. One week before the date of arrival the remaining balance must be canceled.
  • If the cancellation is made before 30 days 50% of the amount paid to the reservation will be refunded.
Author: Pablo Quercia Martinic