La Estancia

The old constructions of Cerro Guido were restored and designed to accommodate the guests who arrive to the Estancia

Houses that have more than a hundred years of history, with the tranquility and comfort of a hotel with distinction in a spectacular setting.








The highest standards of hotel quality

Casas Patronales with more than a century of history.
Sleeping in houses that are unique cultural heritage in Patagonia is an unforgettable experience, houses that will continue to be preserved and will remain as testimony to what was once a permanent and laborious activity, led by numerous foreign and Chilean cattle managers who inhabited them .

We invite you to enjoy this alternative …

Our visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and rest.

Numerous photographs from other eras will transport you to a glorious past. If it is of your interest, we can offer you an unforgettable guided tour of the Estancia to know its facilities. You will enjoy horseback riding and excursions or enjoy a Patagonian barbecue, services that will be available for all those who want to come and enjoy this unforgettable experience, in a true Estancia of approximately 101,000 hectares.


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