Our kitchen

Kaw Restaurant

The expression “Kaw” corresponds to the ethnic group aónikenk, first inhabitants of this zone of Patagonia known as tehuelches or patagones (“people of the south”). They used this term to refer to the awning constructed with sticks of calafate and skins of guanaco, place where the family group met and inhabited.

Capacity : 40 people
You will appreciate a surprising view of Torres del Paine, the surrounding mountains and the immense pampas abundant in wildlife.
While you contemplate this spectacular landscape the lamb that has grown and fed in this Estancia with uncontaminated pastures is prepared with much patience after long hours in our nearby quincho.

The gaucho will use the Patagonian technique of vertical roasting formerly called “roasted to the stick” (to be carried out in open field and with wooden poles) that allows the fats of the animal to drain little by little until obtaining the perfect flavor. If you wish, you can contemplate the skill and precision of the cuts before the roast arrives opportunely at your table.

From Our Harvest

Products of Excellence

We harvest the vegetables from our own farmhouse and greenhouse.
So you can enjoy a truly organic food. They are products of excellence and added to the care of our attention will give you an unforgettable experience. You can also combine horseback riding, hiking and lunch, to take a unique souvenir of an unparalleled experience in the south of the world.


{Homemade Chilean food}

Consomme or soup of the day
Bread and butter
Fifth vegetable salads
Dish of the day (legumes, pasta, meat or fish)
Tea, coffee, herbal teas, fifth herbs (mint, good herb)
Water or juice

(Does not include: wines, liquors or drinks)

Excellent wine list prioritizing those of organic production:
Matetic Vineyard, EQ lines and Corralillo.


* Prior information on special dietary requirements
(Vegetarian, allergic, dietary restrictions).
* Reservation required